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Do you know the city of Dakhla and its location? Paradise...

General informations

Located on the Atlantic coast of the Sahara in the extreme south of Morocco, Dakhla also nicknamed "The Moroccan Antilles," it is a city found between the sand dunes on the edge of a magnificent lagoon with turquoise waters. 'Villa Cisneros' called by the Spaniards. In 1884, Dakhla is one of the bases of the Airmail and the transatlantic flights. Before crossing the ocean, Antoine de Saint-Exupery stayed there and probably wrote a part of his famous work "Le Petit Prince".

Dakhla Bay is considered one of the the world's most beautiful "Surfing spots". The location is ideal for all water sports... but also sports on the sand dunes too! It is a paradise for wilderness hiking fans and also fishing lovers thanks to both its large dunes and favorable water!

Here you can admire the wind singing on the lagoon, the waves caressing the shores and flamingos in love at sunset!

What to see in Dakhla: 1 Day Excursions

Admiring the landscape
Admiring the landscape

In addition to hosting thousands of migratory birds, including colonies of flamingos, the bay is home to the largest population of monk seals. Its waters are also frequented by rays and humpback dolphins. The beautiful Punta Sarga in the extreme south of the peninsula is a must visit place.


The lagoon of ‘Rio de Oro’ is also one of the richest fishing areas in the world. The star of the show is the croaker Surf casting: that is standing on the shore fishing, fishing activities in Dakhla can be profitable since you can catch fish that measure up to 2 meters and weigh up to 80 pounds. There are also many lich, sea bream, and fish in abundance to satisfy any appetite. You can take advantage in our guitar classes on amazing Anguilla beaches.

Surf - Kitesurf – Windsurf
Surf - Kitesurf - Windsurf

You can enjoy surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing. Currently, there are five water sports schools who receive each year a total of 3,000 athletes and tourists. The city has experienced a renaissance in 2003 with the appearance of Kite surfing. Since then, its reputation is enhanced by the enthusiasm of artists and journalists who participated in the "Festival of the sea and the desert".

4x4 tours
4x4 tours

To discover the desert, we offer 1 or 2 days excursions with 4x4 taking different roads. On the way we stop at a great oyster farm restaurant for an appetizer on the dunes of the white sand to enjoy oysters and white wine!

Herne island
Herne island

This is a must visit; because it is an interesting natural phenomenon of the dunes in the heart of the lagoon. The favorite haunt of flamingos.

White dune
White dune

Often called the island of the dragon which has the particularity to be accessible on foot at low tide, the island is also known for its beautiful and large shells that are scattered along the beach.

The source Asna
The source Asna

It is precisely located in the groundwater of a well from which springs sulfur water at 40°; we can have fun and take a bath - the water has excellent dermatological virtues.


For three years, Dakhla oysters are surpassing all its competitors, it is because they have higher quality, and the lagoon allows them to breed 3-4 times faster.

How to get there?

By air with the Royal Air Morocco

Via Casablanca and Agadir. The Dakhla international airport is located in the city. Every Friday, there is a departure from Agadir at 05:50 pm and the arrival at 07:30 pm - the cost of the internal flight is about 80 € per person and per trip, every day except for the flight from Casablanca at 04: 10 pm and arriving at 07:30 pm- the cost of the internal flight is about 99€ per person per trip.

But where precisely is Dakhla located?

Dakhla is located exactly on the Tropic of Cancer, at 1700 km to the south of Casablanca. It is the southernmost of the peninsula, and it contains the famous bay of Oued Ed-Dahab. The climate is tropical and dry, the temperature is 22-25 ° throughout the year, the sand is white. For these reasons the Ministry of Tourism of Morocco has nicknamed it the "Moroccan Antilles."

Moroc Expérience offers
Tours and sea travel

Maroc Expérience organizes various tours of 8, 10, 15 days tailored according to different needs ... Dakhla offers excellent accommodation options at hotels to satisfy everyone’s wishes!

The stays are related to the theme of the sea and private transfers from the airport and the hotel are carried out.

3, 4, 5 star hotels are available, if necessary, custom formulas for bed, breakfast are possible on request. Half board or full board are performed.

The hotels have superior private beaches.

We organize surf camps and kitesurf camps with formulas of: accommodation only offers, half board or full board. Private transfers and labor camp are regularly held also.

We organize excursions for a period of 1 day with stays at sea, car and driver included.

Visiting the Deep Atlantic South

Departure from Agadir airport to Dakhla airport with half board, car and driver included. Hotels are selected along the road for stays of 2, 3 nights in desert camps and the beach camps.


Sea holidays

Select one of the offers below and send us a quote request specifying the dates of your vacation, how many individuals you are, the departure airport, the desired formula (breakfast, half board or full board) and the one day excursions desired.


Calipau Sahara Palais & Hotel 4*  private beach equipped

Buenavista Hotel 4* private beach equipped


Ocean Vagabond Dakhla Eco surf Hotel - within the Club Mistral: surfing / kitesurfing / windsurfing school camp

Dakhla Sprit lagoon camp traditional Moroccan tents bungalows - One of the best locations on the lagoon.

Dakhla Attitude located in the hotel "Pointe du Dragon" it consists of three domains with seven apartments, it is sheltered from the wind by the mountain on which it rests.

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